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Principal @ Seanode Global | Connecting Future Nodes of a Globally Unified Trade Network

Calculating the costs of MVP can be quite tricky due to multiple factors involved. For a new tech venture, or startup, these can vary from €100.000 to €250.000 when considering inhouse development. Whereas, outsourcing to an agency can lower this cost significantly to somewhere between €20.000 and €75.000.

Classic battle of in-house vs. outsourcing

Are you…

We have certainly come along way to fight global poverty, but we are still not close enough to conquer it wholeheartedly

In a midst of a global pandemic and the fight against climate change, we have somewhat forgotten about the larger part of our world; better yet, larger part of our population. Ironically, that’s the part which requires our immediate attention.

So what exactly am I talking about here? In a…

Tracing Your Cargo Containers Amidst COVID-19 Chaos

With 2020 coming to an end, a year long of COVID-19 pandemic makes it evident that supply chains can no longer match the expectations of buyers and sellers when it comes to detailed tracking of their cargo. The problem goes beyond just tracking the cargo, as it also entails the…

We need to join hands to create a globally unified trade network-


Today, the global supply-chains are more than ever diverse, interconnected and highly scalable. Far-reach of global chains means its becoming harder for consumers to know where and how their products originate. This article explores how Seanode ensures and enables ethical sourcing of goods following 5 simple steps

The rise of…

Traditional procurement as we know is coming to its definite end. Now the question is, how can those responsible for this function adapt its strategic role for long-term survival?

Automotive Industry in Turmoil. CPOs in Paralysis?

This decade is facing one of the most disruptive transformations the automotive industry has seen in over a century. What makes this transformation so disruptive? All recent studies and trends are pointing towards four main factors changing the core of the automotive industry: electrification (EVs), autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and…

As a startup founder you need to know the best route to develop your MVP. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your MVP development: (1.) Expert Support (2.) Cost-Effective (3.) Faster Release (4.) Professional Project Management (5.) Proven Structured Process.

Why Should You Outsource Your MVP Development?

So you have an amazing idea you want to execute for your new startup. You have identified the market gap and know your (potential) clients’ needs. You would like to start the development of your product but don’t have a technical partner or the background required. …

Munib Ali

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